尚、SOAT のこのような活動に支援金・助成金などご協力をして下さる企業・団体・個人を募集しております。

Our hope

Creating art and design heals the heart and gives courage in daily life like an "oasis" . There are a lot of people who want to be an artists, but the reality is that there are little opportunity to exhibit their works. We make an opportunity to have many people to watch the artists' works, and we would like to widen art culture of Northeast Japan. It is our hope to improve the art culture in Northeaset Japan. In order to do that, we would like to keep supporting the exhibitions and the artists to work globally.

SOAT's reconstruction support

We started reconstruction support called "Reinbow Palette" since April 1st 2011, that we deliver art materials to the artists who live in the disaster area. Also, we support reconstruction works of NPO, and art support for the children in the disaster area. We raise the companies, groups, and individuals who support our activity.